Saturday, April 21

Sfgirlbybay Does Dallas.

Well, I've just wrapped up two really fun weeks of posts over at Design*Sponge Guest Blogs and am back home (sort of) to blog here at sfgirlbybay. I'm actually off to Dallas tomorrow for the 'real job', so I'll be living large and writing from the 'Big D', as I like to call it. I'm there printing some advertising pieces for our client Condé Nast Publications (Domino, H&G, Vogue etc.). Thus my crazy busy schedule for the last few months - please forgive me!

I am hoping to have some more wonderful guest blogs this week, but I will back and ready to provide y'all (notice Big D accent) with fresh content while I'm there. I hope you've enjoyed the great guest blogs so far. Thanks so much to all of you for your most excellent guest contributions. I hope you'll want to come back soon. In the meantime, see y'all in Dallas where the folks are friendly and fun. I smell BBQ and Aquanet.


Anonymous said...

Dallas is actually considered "posh" here in Texas and you might notice that people act that way too. Just be careful with the highways as they tend to be confusing. Have a fun trip!

Anonymous said...

dallas is were i am although i am jealous of anyone who gets to live in sf...but dallas is cool...not all conservative and aquanetty...lots of creatives here but just harder to find....what kinda photo shooot??

Anonymous said...

Oh, my hometown!

You should check out:
Century Modern
2928 Main St
Dallas, TX 75226
(214) 651-9200

Lula B's Antique Mall
2004 Greenville Ave
Dallas, TX 75206
(214) 824-2185

These links are where I check for local estate sales:
24-7 Estate Sales">24-7 Estate Sales
Dallas Morning News classifieds
I especially like 24-7 because they post pictures of the sales online, which is how I knew to show up early to snag some $40 Bertoia chairs a couple weeks ago.

Some other insider best-ofs...
Pastries: Society Bakery, skip Tart and LA-import Sprinkles
Salads: Greenz
Barbecue: Sonny Bryan's on Inwood and Harry Hines or Dickey's (Ross Perot's favorite)
Pizza: Fireside Pies (Owen Wilson hired it out for his birthday party once) and Campania (where they fly in all the ingredients from Italy)
Breakfast: Breadwinners
Tex-Mex: Mia's
Haute Southern: Hattie's or Kitchen 1924
Grocery store: Central Market
Mall that's also an art gallery: Northpark
Neighborhoods: Bishop Arts, Swiss Ave., Lakewood

Have fun! And you made it just in time, before the 100-degree weather starts up.


Anonymous said...

i agree with rebecca all great sugestions...also, check out house of dang (thrift store with cool homemade gifty stuff) and dolly python...legacy trading company in west village.

sfgirlbybay said...

Thanks so much for these great suggestions! I do know Sonny's BBQ and it's amazing. But I never knew where to find cool shops - so thanks!

And, sorry about the 'Aquanet' reference. It just can be humid there and I never understand how some of these women look so pristine and polished, and I always feel like awilted flower.

I love Dallas and the people where I'm printing are super friendly. And I am dying to make a trip to Austin.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, I agree with Veronica... I forgot about those! To go along with Dolly Python and House of Dang there's also Curiosities in Lakewood... and it's close to Kitchen 1924 and Cantina Laredo, another great tex-mex restaurant.

crazyoscar said...

A trip to that got my attention!! You know your transplanted SF friend would love the opportunity for a visit!! Will DB give you time off for a road trip? =)

sfgirlbybay said...

annie - is that you??? i think DB will give me the time, heat - not so much! they're working me hard these days. miss you!! :)

come to dallas!

Delaney Gates said...

Just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say hello... It's fabulous! Love your style!

Anonymous said... nice to the poor little Dallas kids...they're just upset they're not from Houston. ;)

Only kidding...I'm jealous you're going to home state that I miss so much. Dallas really isn't all that humid...if you want humid, head south on I-45 to that's humid!!

Erin said...

so excited you'll be in my stomping grounds (I'm more on the Ft. Worth side of the metroplex, but you can't beat Dallas for the shopping and restaurants)! it's no San Francisco, but I hope you have a great time! awesome recommendations on the shops above...

Anonymous said...

my hometown too, and i agree with all of the suggestions - lula b's, legacy trading and dolly python are faves!

bluetoes said...

oo oo im in dallas too.. check out oak lawn west of i-35. the "design district". loads of furniture, antique, decor, tile stores etc

sfgirlbybay said...

you guys are awesome - thanks so much for all the insider scoop. see, i told you people from Texas are friendly!

Anonymous said...

I think Texas is amazing and awesome, and me, from New York. It's like entering another country within a country. Such strength, that's what struck me. It's a state with strength! I took the opportunity 3 years ago to fly down to this tiny little Texas town called Beckville in the NE to meet an internet friend and to get a feel for that sort of living. Great experience and again, amazing people, gorgeous landscape. You'll have a ball!