Tuesday, April 10

Style and Money.

This home belongs to some clients of mine. I say clients loosely as they really only hired me for a colour consultation. I chose their paint colors quite some time ago. Anyhow, they recently invited me back as the do it yourself couple are now renovating the upstairs bedroom. I was so impressed by the light and fabulousness of their home, I asked if I could come in and photograph it for my guest blog spot.

So, what I want to say is this.

You don't need the biggest house, you don't even need a large house. You don't need to tear out the tile and replace it with glass mosaic, or refinish the floors, or even paint out the woodwork. You really don't need to lay down thousands of dollars on iconoclastic mid century modern furniture. When garage sale dining chairs, inexpensive ikea items and hand me downs are all you can afford, all you need is the chutzpah to put it all together and let your personal style shine. Your thread bare, well worn childhood teddy is art. Yes it is. That light fixture in the dining room that came with the house? Oh just leave it.

Sure, I styled the rooms a bit but the only significant piece I brought in was the cowhide chair. My clients have a spare and simple aesthetic that makes their home work beautifully.

Thank you to Victoria for the opportunity to guest blog on her site!

Lori Andrews BFA
Interior decorator
Calgary, Alberta

Also known as the 10 cent designer.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, TCD. I applaud your ethos. The wall color is smashing and I'm not even a gray fan (it's gray, right?) They must be so proud!

Lori Andrews said...

thanks! the wall color is a super neautral and on this cloudy day it read quite gray. (the kitchen is a deep gray)

Lori Andrews said...

oh! my spelling! sorry!

ArchitectDesign™ said...

Love the gray walls ( my apt is gray as well ) -but all that wood trim! Couldn't convince the clients to paint SOME of it a crisp white? That would make it really POP!

Lori Andrews said...

I think the house is a long term project. :) after they finish the upstairs bedroom, they need to reinsulate, and then..... eventually.. thanks for commenting!

Carlene said...

Such a lovely, serene home, but you know what really makes the room? The cowhide chair (sorry).

Anonymous said...

I love that you brought in that great cowhide chair - it's fun. And your styling is beautiful.

Lori Andrews said...

don't be sorry carlene! It was just what the room needed. honestly, I never took a thing out. the clients simply don't have much stuff.
thanks for the comments!

Anonymous said...

what color is the room? i am in paint chip madness. looking for a rather neutral shade of gray or green. can you share what shade/brand this is?


Jennifer Vogt said...

I love what you have to say... So true! Very Sensible and chic. Great job!

Lori Andrews said...

the color is from a canadian fan from benjamin moore. The American fan is completely different. sorry!
thanks jennifer v.

Anonymous said...

Could the color be edgecomb gray from Ben Moore? As I looked at the photos I thought it looked very similar to my walls, which I did in edgecomb.

Lori Andrews said...

revere pewter

Anonymous said...

Great blog!
Great home!
I love your simple aesthetic.
I'll be back.
Maybe we can work together sometime.
Peggy Deras, CKD, CID