Sunday, November 18

Sunday in The City.

It's right crap outside today, so I've got no new Sunday pix to share with y'all, so how about a short story? A few of you have asked to know more about me, how I got here, and what inspired me to do this blog. If you're new to sfgirlbybay, I think you'll find that if you stick with me, you'll get to know me pretty well (and I hope you regular readers would agree). I kinda tend to share bits of my life. Sometimes, too many bits! I ran this post in its 'original' form back in May when I guest blogged for Grace on Design*Sponge, as a way of introducing myself to her readers. And, I actually was working on re-posting this story (to answer your inquiries) the evening Cooper passed away, one month ago this week and though I miss him terribly, he'll always be a huge part of my San Francisco story. Hopefully this post explains why I love writing this blog every gosh darn day. So...a little more about how sfgirlbybay came to be...


I have lived in San Francisco for 13 years now. Lucky 13. I grew up in the burbs of Los Angeles and almost every summer my family would load into the little red bug for a road trip up north. That's when I first fell in love with this City.

Later, and long grown up, when I decided I wanted a big life change, San Francisco is where I headed. I didn't know anyone here, save for one person who moved to Chicago the week I arrived. She left me with an old clock radio and the keys to her now barren apartment until her lease ran out. I improvised by going out and buying two rubber rafts (the cheap, neon colored, blow-up kind), duct taped them together, sprang for some cowboy-themed flannel sheets and for the next couple of weeks that was my bed. I couldn't have been happier or felt more at home. San Francisco just is the place I'm supposed to be.

13 years later, I live in the City and work in advertising as a freelance art buyer and creative services director at a small agency. Through my job, and many other avenues, I have met some of the most caring, creative and talented people you'd ever hope to know. They inspire me every day. Some of them are artists, photographers, crafters and designers, and many of them have become good friends. And, when I can, I like to shamelessly promote them in my posts each week. I don't think you'll find it to be nepotistic, because as you'll see these lovely people are not only friends and acquaintances, but as I said, really talented. And you don't have to be in San Francisco to enjoy their work, as most of it is available or can be appreciated online. I'll also share with you some of my favorite San Francisco shops, bargain-basement haunts and hangouts.

I have branched out to share much more than just San Francisco, but all the cool finds and interesting things I hear about in the art and design world that I think you might like to know about. And now, there's all the wonderfully cool people I've met through this blog, people I've written about, all the design bloggers and readers out there that have become my friends too. I hope it'll make you want to visit the City sometime soon, and come by sfgirlbybay often. Thanks so much for reading sfgirlbybay, it really is all my pleasure to write.


Janis said...

We are glad you are here (SF) and thank you for your enjoyable and informative blog!

Nidhi said...

I am a new reader and it was interesting to read about your move to SF. I live in LA and often think about moving to that wonderful city. I lived in Aptos for 2 years.
Also, what are the last 3 pictures from? That bedroom looks so nice!

Anonymous said...

Thankyou so much for sharing abit of you with us.Always feels like you are just having a coffee and a chat with us all. It really hit me when your dear Cooper died (and i really was so sorry to hear) that this whole blogging thing is a form of community - makes the world seem not nearly so scary!I am in Australia but you bring a little bit of SF here every day!

heymomo said...

Thanks for this post! I've been reading your blog since this summer, and am glad to get a bit of the backstory.
Your posts make me REALLY want to visit San Francisco, but it's a bit far from Toronto! I'll get there someday, and in the meantime, I'll keep reading.
Thanks for sharing.

j said...

...and a great pleasure to read- and to look at at.

j said...

P.S. that cable car pic is so cute. :)

sfgirlbybay said...

Thanks so much - it really does mean so much to me to have this blog and all the loyal readers. It keeps me busy and keeps my mind off missing Coop, which I do - terribly.

The cable car photo is my mum (in the groovy white shades, my brother and me) - my dad took the photo.

Tha bedroom at the bottom is mine. The photo on the leftis designer, Eszter Rabin from Emmarose Papery and the shelves on the right is from Nest - a shop on Fillmore street.

Maggie Sumner said...

As it happens, I actually found your blog for the first time the day you lost Cooper. It was so sad, I found myself crying at my computer.

But since that unhappy day, I've enjoyed learning more about you and sharing in all your creative interests. I love all the colorful photos. It makes me feel more creative just reading : )

Thanks for doing it!

annechovie said...

Hi Victoria~
Loved this post! You have such a great, warm, personal writing style. I am very glad you did move to SF and start your blog - it's always a great read and a bright spot. I appreciate all the great people, places and things you introduce us all to. You do Coop proud! BTW, You and your brother were adorable little kids. Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving Victoria :) SFgirlby bay is a great blog!

studio wellspring said...

i enjoyed reading this the first time but getting it a second time was even more delightful. you are such an inspiring and wonderufl person, victoria. and i just LOVE that photo of you & your brother on the trolley ~ so classic. what a treasure you are!

Christie said...

thanks for letting us know a little more about you. What a great job you have, that sounds like fun. How do you get a job like that? What did you do before hand?

Love to cable car pic, I get to ride that every week:)

Those of you who live in san francisco, do you know of weekly/monthly get togethers of creative people. I hope to get to know more people in creative fields but haven't had to much luck yet:)

c*liz said...

Great post Victoria! I'm from the burbs of LA too.. I just recently made my way up here and even though my LA friends would kill me, I heart SF!! Your blog has sent me through so many weekend journeys checking out what this city has to offer... thanks for all the great tips!

Like reader Christie I'm looking for a way to meet more creative people up here. Maybe you should start a group if one doesn't already exist. I would certainly be a loyal follower. :)

Keep up the great posts! I look forward to them everyday.

Uncle Beefy said...

Your affection for SF is very evident and it helps take care of my cravings since I'm a bit far away. It is our pleasure to be your readers, Victoria! Warm regards. :)

Christopher said...

sfgirlbybay is a Sunday night treat for me!I love to sit down with a cup of coffee and follow all your links and ideas.Im so sorry to hear about your Cooper.
God bless and keep up the great work!

Anna said...

love your blog, victoria!

anna in la