Thursday, May 3

Ciuccio Color.

Growing up on a commune (doesn't this sound fun, already?) nestled in the forested mountains of Northern California, Jenny Rinzler, the designer behind Ciuccio, learned at a young age that if you wanted something, it was best just to make it yourself. So she learned to sew, and sew really well.

Now living in San Francisco, Jenny, like a lot of us, is short on space. She'd started making beautiful quilts, but when housemates waited patiently for a break in her ironing to be able to get out the back door (as there wasn’t room for both an ironing board and more than one human in the “sewing room”) she realized she'd have to scale down. So, she brainstormed and thought, why not make smaller quilts? And thus, she formed Ciuccio Baby.

Ciuccio makes beautiful children's quilts from beautiful, bright colored fabrics with somewhat whimsical, yet modern designs and patterns. And an extra touch, a grosgrain ribbon loop secures a binky (or ciuccio in Italian) to the quilt so it won’t fall to the floor. Ciuccio Baby also makes smaller versions of her quilts she calls Loveys, just the size you’d want a security blanket to be, measuring in at approximately 15” x 15”. And also, some really fun, super cute aprons. All of which make perfect gifts for a new mom's first Mother's Day. Check out the Ciuccio etsy store, or take a look for more ideas on her website. I'm kinda hoping she finds more space, because I'd really like a big version of her lovely quilts all to myself.

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