Monday, May 28

Let's hear it for the boy.

I stumbled upon Spray Glue tonight, while I was merrily skipping from blog to blog. I like doing to link, you never know what you're gonna find. Tonight...a boy blogger. And a good one too. Check out Gary' Pyn's design blog, Spray Glue out of South Africa. Gary's got excellent taste and a real boss banner, too.

I was inspired by his post on Casamidy a wonderful company created by Anne-Marie Midy and Jorge Alameda. Casamidy is an amazing source for gorgeous home furnishings and accessories designed and resourced in collaboration with local artisans in Mexico, including iron, tin and leather smiths. Thanks for the cool post Gary. And nice to find you.


Anonymous said...

I have ordered from Casamidy before and their product is great. Communication and shipping not so good.

Michelle said...

Yah, I love Spray Glue too, always a great read.

Bronwyn said...

Great link to Spray Glue - thanks. It was nice to see a design blog like this coming out of South Africa

Spray Glue said...

Thank you so much!! I really appreciate all the compliments for my humble blog. I cant believe the responses I have had lately! Thank you!