Saturday, May 5

Lost, and Found in Translation.

I just received an email from Annika of HOOM. STHLM, a Swedish home design blog, requesting to post some pix of my apartment on her blog. Wait until you see this blog, you'll see why I was so flattered. She has what looks like some amazing posts - I can't read them, mind you, but the photos of home design are quite inspiring and really beautiful. A few of them definitely got me thinking about new ideas around the apartment. Here's a few to check out. I wasn't sure what HOOM. STHLM could mean (I thought maybe Home Style, or maybe Homestead), but Annika tells me Hoom is just a little play with the words 'room' and 'home'. Nice! Thank you so much for sharing such lovely interiors, Annika.


Richard Womack said...

Subtle living in form & function
and glimpses, resonate a passionate
and lyrical beauty of places !

Anonymous said...

That's awesome!! I especially love the cool bright pictures on the wall! And love that red lamp shade!! :O)
Very Co0OoL!

beachbungalow8 said...

Love. but i can also see why she'd want your pad on her site. congruency.

Cecilia said...

I found your blog via Hoom.Sthlm and I think it is amazing! So many inspiring pictures and interesting comments- thank you!

JONATHAN said...

I think Sthlm is for Stockholm.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great bloglead to HOOM. I LOVE her logo almost as much as the blog itself.

BTW. If you have a Google Toolbar, you can translate her blog into English with just a click.