Sunday, May 6

Rise, Shine...and Thrift.

It's the Alameda Flea Market today, so drink up that coffee and get going. It's going to be a warm and sunny day out there, and no matter when you arrive, I just know you'll find some cool treasure. If you can't get moving too quickly this morning, you can always head out a little later. I find that the vendors will offer up some pretty great deals towards the end of the day when they aren't in the mood to pack it all up again. I never bargain too much though, they have a tough job!

NOTE: Here are some alternate alternate routes they suggest due to last week's freeway collapse.

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lu2 said...

Hey Victoria! Did you end up going? I was thinking of going but realized I have so many 1/2 completed craft projects/home improvements that I'm still working on...not to mention items I bought at the last market that I need to still incorporate that I couldn't let myself go~