Thursday, May 3

San Francisco International Film Festival.

Good inspiration comes in all kinds of packages. One of my biggest influences is film. I love the whole visual experience, and probably a little too often, get lost in the set design as much as the storyline. Art direction can be that fabulous, and I'm sure you all have your favorites (and please feel free to share with us).

The 50th San Francisco International Film Festival started this week and will run through May 10. The SFIFS marks its place in history as the first film festival in the U.S. to turn 50. To celebrate, the Festival will screen 120 unique films from international cinema. They'll also host some really good parties, honor Bay Area film culture and showcase new talent, like San Francisco local and friend, Mark Decena, Director of the 2006 Sundance Film Festival award-winning film, Dopamine.

If you're a fan of film like I am, check out the SFIFS CloseUps for some fantastic historical footage of interviews with directors like Robert Altman, screenwriters the likes of Truman Capote (one of my personal favs), and eccentric producers like the fabulous Hollywood icon, Robert Evans. This year the Festival will honor Rosario Dawson and Sam Rockwell at the Midnight Awards held at the W Hotel, as well as, George Lucas, Spike Lee, and others. For tickets and showtimes, visit SFFS.

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Odessa said...

thanks for this entry. saw 2 movies this weekend and they were great. i'm an indie and foreign film fan as well but i almost forgot about the festival. good thing i read your blog! :)