Tuesday, June 19

Shopping For Ideas.

A couple of weekends ago my two fabulous and fashionable nieces, Alexis, 16 and Madison 14, came to visit. As you might imagine I spent a considerable amount of time in H & M, Urban Outfitters and Forever 21. What's a cool aunt to do? I entertained myself by looking around for inspiration. At Urban Outfitters I saw this crazy, bright green dresser, with some of the drawers removed and used as a display piece. I think I like the idea of perhaps taking all of the drawers out (or just leaving that center drawer), replaced by plywood, painted and used as shelving. I like the look of the vintage, almost baroque-looking shell, filled with great books. Oh, and slide those empty drawers underneath your bed for an extra storage idea. They look quite pretty when peaking out beneath your comforter.

And at Forever 21, I saw these great paintings, used as part of a clothing display, of birch tree trunks and branches, cropped and framed in these ornate picture frames. I liked the contrast of the simple trees with such fancy frames!

Alas, at H & M I saw nothing but retail madness! I did see much more inspiration at Urban Outfitters which I'll share in a bit.


cassandra said...

i LOVE the dresser idea! especially for those middle drawers that are too small to hold much, but would be perfect much needed shelving! thanks for the idea :)

AlisonM said...

Those branches and frames are a great idea. Who knew Forever 21 had so much creativity?

Anonymous said...

That is the exact dresser I have from my grandparents! I painted it gloss black and and changed to clear glass drawer pulls.
I now have plan b for it's 3rd new life.
-jeen marie

lookwhaticando said...

Oh I love those!!! Wonderful. How are you able to take photos. I tried at Antrhopologie recently and was told to stop. xoxo

susan said...

Love the dresser...I could see that in a kitchen in a breakfast area, holding linens and serving pieces. That's a great color! Very inspiring. Must have been a fun day.