Friday, June 1

Stump Love.

I have a bizarre fondness for these stumps. I can't explain it and I just can't help it. They are completely endearing to me. I first found The Small Stump some time ago on etsy, fell for their designs immediately and ordered one of their gorgeous Birch Bark Tubes.

I recently posted over on Apartment Therapy SF about meeting Jill (I'd just missed her design partner Lia) at the Maker Faire, the creative minds behind these great designs, and it was so nice to meet her and talk in person.

The stump pillows and silk-screened prints just have this sweetness to them that make me smile and put me in a good mood. Perhaps it's that they are kind of ridiculous, but in the most fashionably, charming way. I mean, why stumps? Perhaps it's just the next evolution of the recent woodland creature phase. We've gone from trendy squirrels and deer, to their native habitat in the woods. The architecture of the woodland stump!

The clever ladies at the The Small Stump offer other lovely, hand-crafted objects, like their stuffed pillow, Sweet Tweet, the wee little bird and egg craft kits (above) and these fun, knotty holiday prints. I just wanted to share some more of my love of The Small Stump .


Anonymous said...

love the art you've featured in this post. have you seen the stumps created by stephanie barnes?

and you might like her outdoor collection:

JustAnotherDay said...

AH! i am so jealous you have some of these! I have been watching their shop for a while now and they are always sold out!!!!

Anonymous said...

Stumps are crazy popular right now. I saw some very interesting versions at ICFF from THOUT design and some techincolor versions from gosh, either Timber or Freeman's or something like that? I need to look back at my notes, but the image has been making its way around blog world!


Joanna Goddard said...

yes, stephanie barnes is amazing! i love her toadstools. and those eggs you posted are gorgeous. thank you for the post.

Fine Little Day said...

So much nice things here, lovely blog!