Tuesday, July 24

Artist Addendum.

Quite a few of you wondered who the artists are that contributed to my new little gallery. And quite frankly, I'm a big knucklehead for not thinking of that in the first place! So, without further ado, I give you my artists, from etsy and other talented folks:

The Dick & Jane type 'Jane' image is a long-ago received promo piece I received at work and sadly, I don't remember the artist name, but I love it. I am lucky to recieve beautiful, fun images from artists and photographers every day.

The lovely The Double Sided Vivienne Beehive Print Neato print (that is the very real and fantastic title) is from the oh-so-talented Matte Stephens, as is the darling aqua colored Owl Gocco Print. Also, across the gallery on the far right, is his madcap Giant Suburban Bear Monster print, which I first saw on Design*Sponge and had to have.

The sweet little Yellow Owl Gocco Print is from Aucklund-based Sugarloop, who has tons of great prints available in her etsy shop. I just love her work.

The Hives Concert poster is from the great design group, The Heads of State, who have an amazing collection of indie concert posters which you can order online.

The wonderful orange wood type letterpress Book Arts and Printers Fair Poster is from San Francisco-based Lizard Press, who also carries lovely letterpressed greeting cards and books.

Up and to the right, is the amazingly captured image of my dog Cooper, painted so beautifully and given to me by my good friend Casey Mooney. And just below The Hives, are the beloved drawings Casey did of me after a trip to London. She didn't know me very well before that trip, but discovered my inexplicable hatred of lint, and my extraordinary love for salt. Thus, these fab drawings of me removing lint and adding salt (in my 'braid stage')!

The sexy pink legs are another promo piece I received at work from illustrator Nicole Kaufman (sorry, but there is no link for her). Anyone know of her and how to find her?

So, that about covers it, although I have a few new pieces coming. I hope you find some inspiration here!


jill said...

The sexy pink legs are another promo piece I received at work from illustrator Nicole Kaufman (sorry, but there is no link for her). Anyone know of her and how to find her

darn it. you saved the bad news for last. well now im inspired to find something similar. can you shoot it at an angle where we can see it better? so far i can't find anything similar on etsy. thank youl

ALL THE BEST said...

The gallery looks great! It can be really difficult to hang art, but you did a great job. Thank for sharing the artist information.

Joanna Goddard said...

i agree with All the Best -- it's so hard to hang art. all my art is hung with boring symmetry around my house. i love how you mixed it up like this! and what pretty prints. i love this post, thanks so much:)

Rachelle said...

I freaking love it. So pretty! And yay for new artists to browse!

Tonia Conger said...

You've grouped them together so nicely! The struggle I'm finding with indie art is that it's rarely in standard sizes so I have to consider getting them custom framed which could cost A LOT. Did you get most of these pieces custom framed?

sfgirlbybay said...

jill - i'll take a better photo and we'll see if she sees it and responds. :)

i did see an artist named nicole kaufman who does those yoga decks - it could be the same person, but i could not find a link for her directly.

tonia - nope - these are all, or mostly all Ribba frames from Ikea with the standard matte. sometimes i do have to trim off part of the image, which isn't ideal. for the orange letterpress poster - it was long and thin, so i bought one of those frames for three photos side by side and just laid the print on top of the matting. it worked pretty well. you could also re-cut the matte.

thanks again everyone - enjoy browing the artists' work.

jill said...

Hi V - I saw all those nicole kaufman yoga decks too when I did a google image and web search.
She probably has an agent or something. No big deal. I guess. Just thought it was soooo pretty. The closest thing I already have is a vintage Varga Girl calendar tear sheet from May of 1948. The girl has great legs in the pic, but it has her whole body.

Linnea said...

I love your gallery wall, and I love the tips. It took me less than 5 minutes to put an order from one of them.. :-) Thank you! from Linnea in Sweden

Anonymous said...

Do you delete comments you don't like?

sfgirlbybay said...

No I don't delete comments I don't like, unless they are offensive or unnecessarily hurtful. I think it my whole year of blogging, I've deleted two comments and that was because they had a lot of inappropriate cussing that may have offended readers.