Thursday, July 19

Drive In, Without the Car.

The San Francisco Neighborhood Theater Foundation is hosting its Film Night In The Park this *Saturday, July 21 at Dolores Park in the Mission. And, wait, hold your breath, don't breathe, wait, make a wish...yes! This week's film is none other than Sixteen Candles!

The screening is free and starts at 8 p.m. on a giant outdoor screen under the stars. Film goers are encouraged to picnic before screenings and are discouraged from bringing chairs. Just bring a warm blanket and your best friends.

*thanks to a reader, please note correction - I previously posted that it was Friday the 21st, which doesn't exist this year! :) It's Saturday!


Sarah Dennis said...

So wish I could go! Sixteen Candles is my ALL TIME FAVORITE MOVIE! My top 3 favorite scenes:

3. When Samantha attempts to pass a note to her best friend, it falls on the floor and Jake picks it up. (That actually happened to me in H.S. - - - these were the days before Blackberries, Sidekicks and Text messaging).

2. When Farmer Ted, the king of the geeks, shows his minions Samantha's "underpants" in the bathroom.

#1. At the end when Jake and Samantha are having b-day cake sitting on the dining room table.

Anonymous said...

I have been waiting weeks for this event. However, I wanted to point out that it is on the 21st, which is this SATURDAY (not Friday). I double-checked the listing as well.

Jon King said...

They are doing this in our hood as well, in a lakeside park. Which is relevent because one of the movies this summer is JAWS. Can't wait... I just gotta stay up until it's dark enough some how !

odessa said...

i was there! i was there! and it was absolutely perfect, despite the initial power source failure (cue undulating blow-up movie screen).

that said, i'm so grateful i live in this city.