Tuesday, July 17

Want to Win Tickets to the Fray?

The Fray

Nowwhat has just offered up to my local readers (unless you can fly in for the weekend) a pair of tickets to see to The Fray this Saturday, July 21st at Shoreline Amphitheater. I don't really blog about music, but hey, we all like music, right? And I like The Fray - it's that music from Grey's Anatomy. So, I had to think up a quick contest!!

Please post your comment below with a link to the coolest post you've seen today on any of my design blog contemporaries. I'll take a look and the coolest post wins the tickets. If you cannot post below, please email me with your link to victoria@sfgirlbybay.com. All entries need to be submitted by tomorrow morning by 11am, so your tickets can be Fed Ex'd to you.

And if you can't go to the concert, we'll all benefit by able to see and share a bunch of great links!


robyn said...

I saw the Fray at Slims last year. They're a great young alternative rock band, 'how to save a life' is one of their more popular songs right now. you probably have heard it on the radio, anyway my kids love their music too, it definitely rocks enough to cross generations.

c*liz said...

My boyfriend and I have been talking marriage lately but the thought of anything traditional/boring really puts us off. That's why when I saw this post today http://www.andrewenglish.com/page15.htm (courtesy of notcot.org) I was stoked! These wedding bands are fabulous and what's more unique than a finger print? Definitely the coolest post I've seen all day. Now if only the price was right...

robyn said...

Rosy little things has a pretty cool post today, puppies!!!
And Red house did a post on frecklewonder that I checked out, FW has a cool blog.

Jessica said...

Love the recycled belt seating idea on AT:SF today! I am charmed by all things clever. :)

Anonymous said...

I love this post; it is so well done and the artist is phenomenal. Beachbungalow8 does a perfect job of titling it, laying it out, representing the art she is sharing with us. Great work and even better art by Alena.

Fun contest....thanks,

Link: http://beachbungalow8.blogspot.com/2007/07/sweet-tranquility.html