Tuesday, August 28

Lisa Congdon at the CandyStore.

I love supporting independent artists, so I'm really happy to let you know that talented San Francisco multimedia artist Lisa Congdon has a new show opening at the CandyStore next week. Lisa's art opening is September 6, and runs through October 9, at CandyStore on 16th St. between Valencia and Guerrero in The Mission. But if you can't make the show, don't be too sad, because Lisa also has a new etsy shop, so all of you with your hearts away from San Francisco can be there in spirit, and online.

Lisa says the show, entitled The Tenderhearted, "is unlike any series of work I've done before. I've take a bit of a new direction in my work, and I hope that you will come and check it out in person." She also says there's a party too - with DJ, catered food and drinks! I'll be there! For more details on the show, check out the CandyStore site.


Shawna Carpenter said...

I love the first tree piece, I wish she had it on Etsy for sale. Would look perfect in my dark green bedroom above my bed.

lisa said...

thank you for this post, victoria!!!

Charming Sam said...

These are so beautiful and inspirational. I especially love the last one.