Tuesday, August 7

Shim & Sons Shoppe.

I was looking at Portland-based Shim and Sons for some craft inspiration and had forgotten how much I love Sally's blog and the beautiful photographs she takes and displays on the site.

She also has a lovely etsy shoppe where Sally sells some of her beautiful custom stationery and one of a kind handmade goods. I love these little pencil cups and the fabrics she used! Heck, I love just the photos of the pencil cups!

All photos courtesy of Shim and Sons.


Victoria E said...

Gorgeous! Thanks for the link :)

Oh, side note, there is an extra "h" in the etsy link - just wanted to let you know.

Carolyn said...

I love those fabrics too! I recognize some of them as ones by Joel Dewberry. He comes in a close second to Amy Butler for me. Check out his line at www.joeldewberry.com