Thursday, September 20

Addendum: Lost & Found.

Look what reader Kirsten and Boston-based blogger found! She wrote me saying, "You're gonna love this. Remember a while back you advised me to go through my magazines in order to tidy them up? HA! Guess what I saved?"

Yipeeee - if I had only followed my own advice! So here it is, the missing Domino image of Sheila Bridges' lovely map wall I was referencing in the post below. I love this photo, and her little dog too! Thank you Kirsten for taking the time to scan and send it to me.


Casey said...

after reading your last couple of posts about maps, you inspired me. i went right home last night, dug through our office closet, and pulled out my vintage maps from Paris. i also have THE map that i used when I went there in 2004. i am going to get some nice frames to hang them up, maybe in the living room. thanks for such inspiring posts!

odessa said...

wow, that's a really cool wall map. but i absolutely LUV here dress! anyone knows where its from? =)