Friday, October 5

Absolutely Beautiful.

I was so flattered to be in such amazing company in Australia's Real Living magazine this month. Anna from Absolutely Beautiful Things was featured in their November issue, as well. Her home has all the texture, color and lightness I love. Since we're having a heck of a time finding the magazine here in the States, I wanted to share some of the beautiful photographs of her home, and her shop, Black & Spiro, in Brisbane, Australia (thanks again to Jo for these photos!). It feels a bit like Aussie World this week in design blog land, (courtesy of Desire To Inspire) doesn't it? And I'm getting the itch to get down there.

I love everything about this room - all those gorgeous pillows, which I believe are
Black & Spiro Couture Cushions from Anna's shop pictured above, the sisal flooring,
that great ottoman-slash-coffee-table, and last but not at all in the least, that slouchy,
comfy pink corduroy sofa!! Man-o-man is her husband cool for allowing that. It looks
fantastic, but, I'm wondering if it must have been the comfort level that won him over.

Anna is a girl after my own heart, I think we may be re-upholstering soul sisters
on two very distant continents. She gives some very sage advice - don't discard
the old stuff you're bored with, recover it, paint it, just give it new life.

I love all the little details like the pink striped pillow contrasted with the great black and
white one, on what looks to be an amazing little settee. Everything has a great scale about
it, and looks as though it's "just enough" of everything, with nothing too overdone. Lovely.

To read more about Anna, and her Brisbane shop, hunt yourself down a copy
of the November issue of Real Living Magazine, or visit her Absolutely Beautiful blog.
Again, nice to be in your good company, Anna, and I hope one of us jumps across
the big pond one day soon so we might meet. Your home, and shop look stunning.


Anna Spiro said...

I'm so flattered that you have posted about me here on your beautiful blog Victoria!! Thank you!! Isn't it wonderful that we are both in this month's Real Living. I think we both share a love for all things colourful!! If you need a copy of the mag I'd be more than happy to post you one!! Let me know! Thanks again!!

jawcey said...

Wow - I LOVE these images. That first shot of the living room - with all those colourful cushions and that gorgeous painting on the wall - it looks fantastic! Very inspiring.

Victoria said...

Very inspirational decor. I love DIY and decorating and everything about this look makes me want to hit the fabric store HARD!

Great blog too. You have a real eye for design, and a great name too!

sfgirlbybay said...

hi anna - it's fun, no? your place is really beautiful, and yes - i think we do have an affinity for similar colors!

thanks vic & jawcey! i hope you'll visit often.

Logan said...

Hey Victoria,

There is a store on Polk Street (between Vallejo and Green)called Smoke Signals and they carry just about every periodical imaginable including international versions. Just an FYI!

Anonymous said...

I really like the ABT blog. Thanks for posting these photos. It's always interesting to see the way a place looks from the perspective of someone else's lens.

sfgirlbybay said...

hi logan - thanks so much. i actually called them and they were kind enough to check for me with the owner and get back to me that they don't carry it. nice service, though. i tried there, juicy news, b&n, so far no luck.

monica - anna's got a beautiful perspective - i love it.

Anonymous said...

Any ideas where I can find pillows like hers? I have been searching ebay, but I'm just not finding anything that I like as much as I like hers. Especially that one with a blue background with orange and purple flowers.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

Style Court said...

I'm so glad you posted the image of Anna's bedroom bench. That's one of my favorite elements :)

Congrats to you too for being included in the mag!

Style Court said...


This won't help much with finding the floral print, but in California sells Florence Broadhurst pillows much like the ones Anna mixes into her interiors and shop. Good luck!