Friday, October 26

Glancing Back.

It's been a strange week. I've been coping with the sad loss of Coop and trying to move past that on the blog so y'all don't just feel like crying every time you visit. A lot of that involved healing through your wonderful support and comments, and by just keeping really busy! Thankfully Grace was here visiting, so I gave her a mini day tour of some of my favorite neighborhoods in the City. We visited the fabulously delicious Miette which just should not be missed. Even if it's for just the decor alone, but do try and eat something sweet, too.

Grace's visit to San Francisco was primarily based around hosting her Biz Lady Meet Up, which was a blast, and quite the packed house. It was so great to meet you all! If you missed the meet up, you can still download some really informative information here at design*sponge.

Also on the agenda for the week, was the much anticipated opening party of the San Francisco sister store of Brooklyn's Rare Device. Another packed, fun house full of guests! Best of luck to Lisa and Rena on what is one beautiful shop, filled with amazing artwork and handmade creations. Super well done, bravo!

Being in all of your talented, creative company was so inspiring this week and I am grateful for such a positive transitional period for me. It could have been quite different, and I am so thankful to have sfgirlbybay to challenge me and all of you amazing supporters. I have a load of new plans for the site, so I hope you'll check back soon, for some fresh, regular features I'm working hard on. And, please remember if I can be of help to you, do get in touch. Have a wonderful, creativity-filled weekend. Cheers, Victoria.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this amazing post. Creative ventures have gotten me through many hard times, including the loss of my sweet dogs. Hang in there...and keep giving us all the eye candy we can handle. I for one love it. And come back and visit RD again soon!!

Yuri said...

Victoria, I lost a pet this week too, and your strength has been an inspiration to me. Thanks for getting righting back into things despite the sadness.

Cakespy said...

Creativity and many reasons to wish I was in SF this week!

Unknown said...

very very beautiful pic!!!

Lora said...

Six months ago while traveling i got a phone call saying my sweet dog libby had unexpectedly died--i'm so sorry for your loss of cooper, and understand the grief. wishing you much comfort and healing. my other dog was my consolation, and so imagine my delight when, while at the 'rare device' opening party on thursday, i reached into the dish of party favor pins and drew out one with his name on it: twig.