Monday, October 1

Happy Berkeley Day*.

In case you weren't in Berkeley Saturday night, and you were unable to come to the opening reception at Relish at Home, I thought I'd share a few photos of the party. It was really lovely, and full of fun people - some familiar, and some new - so it was nice to see and meet y'all. It was nice to finally meet both Kelly, Relish At Home owner and curator, and Jill Bliss the featured artist of the evening. I apologize in advance - these photos could have been better, butI think I was socializing more than working. You'll have to visit the Relish at Home boutique to see what I mean!

The shop looked really great - fun aqua walls with lots of nice wood to offset the
soothing blue color. And shelves stocked with the best handcrafted goods -
I could have spent a bloody fortune, but escaped with just a few pretty trinkets.

Here's hostess Kelly and some of the stationary the shop carries from all
of the it girls. Some woodland-themed sticky notes from Sukie; Nantaka Joy
notebooks from Joy at Oh Joy! with really cute with scalloped edges; some
pretty new journals from Lotta Jansdotter; and of course, wonderful
pieces from Jill's new Tides and Trees collection.

Datebooks and Mini Art from from Jill's new Tides and Trees collection.

Jill explained to me a little bit about how she came about drawing botanicals.
She knew all these gorgeous plants by sight, but in order to try and memorize their
names, she started sketching them. Jill says she still can't remember all the names,
but the outcome of her 'research' is just fantastic. I've got to go back and select one
of her little mini prints - they were about 3" x 2" or maybe smaller, and drawn
on grid paper (again, my photos are not doing them proper justice!).

Here's Jill with new Tides and Trees collection behind her.
And a few more of her pretty notebooks.

*Happy Berkeley Day is a rare occurrence that happens only, and entirely randomly. Actually it's just a reference to a funny moment from the evening that I felt compelled to add. :)


Style Saves the World said...

Great stuff! Can't wait to visit. said...

Oooh...All so lovely! Thanks for sharing.

Melissa de la Fuente said...

so you happen to know who made the bird mobiles? I have been searching for their name(having seen them at a gift fair)and can't remember.....thank you!

sfgirlbybay said...

it really is a wonderful shop, so i'll hope you'll go visit and support the indie artists! :)

melissa - i have an email into kelly at relish to check on that, so i'll post it as soon as i hear back.

Anonymous said...

hey victoria! i didn't know you were at the opening. we must've been there at different times.

and the mobile is a helen ige design. she makes great mobiles (and stuffed critters!).

sfgirlbybay said...

i'm sorry i missed you ahn-minh! we went to have some Indian food first and got caught up talking, so we were a wee bit late.

thanks for the clarification on the mobile - it was very cool, i almost bought it. but then, i almost bought a lot of things!

Anonymous said...

maybe we'll run into each other at one of the other events you've blogged about!

Melissa de la Fuente said...

Thank you so much Victoria and ahn-minh! I really appreciate it. I wish I could check out the shop in person.....

The Other Andrew said...

This is totally off topic, but I just wanted to let you know that the issue of Real Living magazine with your home in it is out on the newsstands here in Sydney now and it looks fabulous! Brava!

I hope they are sending you a copy, otherwise I'd be happy to mail you one. Just let me know.

The Other Andrew said...

Ah, sorry I just spotted your earlier entry about the magazine. It sounds like you're already getting a copy! Enjoy it, it looks great

sfgirlbybay said...

thanks for your thoughtfulness andrew - i think i have a couple coming (gotta have one for the folks, ya know?).

freefalling said...

I know I'm a little off topic (and best wishes to Relish at Home for great success), but I got my Real Living today AND your place was in it!
It's awesome - I love all your treasures - especially the bar stools and the coffee table.
Are you going to post the pages up on your blog, so everyone can see?