Monday, October 8

Save the Bay.

I can't very well be sfgirlbybay if there's no San Francisco Bay! The bay area is a unique and beautiful place I've loved since I first visited as a little girl. Since then, the old bay, like too many other special places in our lives, is becoming endangered.

The Bay Institute, a respected nonprofit scientific organization dedicated to restoring the ecosystems of San Francisco Bay, is raising funds to acquire the Aquarium of the Bay at PIER 39. To help make that happen they're hosting the first annual Bay Bash.

Acquiring the Aquarium of the Bay would enable The Bay Institute to establish a public hub for scientific education about San Francisco Bay and make the educational programs accessible to all Bay Area children. Their efforts are bringing the Bay back to life. To help out, you just need to join the party! The Bay Bash will benefit The Bay Institute with live music, a DJ, lots of good food and drinks. There's even party favors! I hope you can make it! To buy tickets go to Bay Bash.

• Thursday, November 15th, 7 - 11pm
• Location: Aquarium of the Bay


Mary Elizabeth Liberty said...

So, can you see the bay from your apt?? Can we see a photo of your view??

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info Victoria, I would have missed this...