Sunday, October 14

Sunday In The City.

A pair of pears around the house.

A good walk with Coop.

Sunlight finally streaming in.

Searching for a good read.


Anonymous said...

love the windows! are you concerned about the direct sunlight damaging your artwork on the wall?

Kimberly said...

What is it about the pear shape that is so wonderful? It's like a collective consciousness thing or something.... will have to put some on our fabric bulletin boards.

Love your pictures! Are you on Flickr?

sfgirlbybay said...

anon - i guess i don't worry. i'm not much of a worrier about things like that. maybe i should! :)

kimberly - perhaps the pear reminds of our bodies? :)

and, yes I am on flickr - i also go by sfgirlbybay there. thanks!

mom go green said...

i love your photos. it is so mice to see the beauty in everyday things. you sure have an eye for it!