Thursday, October 25

Upholster Me, Please.

This mid-century modern rocker has major potential! I found it on craigslist and think with a new slip cover, or some upholstery in a lovely combination of Amy Butler's Nigella collection it would look just smashing. A little bit of Imperial Dark Green and then some touches of Wood Fern in Silver and Eggshell on the arms would make a cozy, comforting reading chair. And this one on craigslist swivels and has sweet tapered legs for just $40!


Anonymous said...

Really lovely combination. Fantastic. Thank you.

Jen said...

I love your creativity. I agree, any of those Amy Butler fabrics would be great. Do you know how to make the slip cover or reupholster it yourself? Teach me!

Anonymous said...

Hey Victoria,
Do you know a good/inexpensive upholsterer in SF?


sfgirlbybay said...

thanks girls - i love dreaming up upholstery combos.

jen - check out Amy Butler's site for patterns on slipcovers. i too, need to learn - I can just do easy cushions with a staple gun!

julia - try
Wally's Upholstery on Geary. he does car and boat upholstery, but is supposed to be great and not too expensive for furniture, too!