Wednesday, November 21

Babushkas Are The New Black - Part Deux.

Back in September, I posted about the recent popularity of Babushkas, or Russian nesting dolls. I have to say, sometimes I crack myself up and this was one of those times. I'll admit it, I think that line 'Babushkas Are The New Black' is funny. At least I can amuse myself and it's pretty quiet around her sometimes, so that's good (I think). Anyway, I'm going to wear the saying into the ground, because look! More Babushkas!

I found these babies tucked inside a hideous blue Mama-Babushka at Ikea. I ditched the Mama because her color scheme was just all wrong, and now I have these cute little orphans (I'm pretty sure the tallest is a good role model and doing a fine job of raising the other three). So cute, no? There are no surprises tucked inside each one, but you can put small surprise in each one for a fun holiday gift! The small one fits a Valium just perfectly for those hectic holiday shopping days!


Recession Cone said...

Russian nesting dolls are very cute, but you should know they're not called Babushki - Babushka in Russian means grandmother, and in English Babushka refers to a headscarf tied under the chin.

Instead, Russian nesting dolls are called Matryoshka (plural, Matryoshki). =) (Matryoshki at Wikipedia)

It's crazy that they're selling Matryoshki at Ikea, though!

sfgirlbybay said...

So I should be saying:

"Matryoshki are the new black!"

Thank you for the clarification!

Anonymous said...

Matryoshki, Babushka...either way, they are very cute. My husband has a set he bought 10yrs. ago on a trip to Belarus. I will admit, that I have them packed up somewhere. Perhaps I will take them out again.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Janis said...

It is funny, wrong word or not...too bad you cannot hear the chuckles out here in blogland.

Anonymous said...

i love them! do you remember the set that i picked up on our trip to london a few years ago? my set has bill, monica, hillary, paula jones and linda tripp. (the theme for the decor in my kitchen is "american politics meets dysfunctional royal family)

Mama Boots said...

Thanks for sharing these. I bought a pair in Russia in '87, but they since have been ruined by my young son. My friends have an Elvis set, which I love.

I am thinking about making my own for certain families for Christmas. Maybe decoupaging their faces with photos and painting the bodies. You can buy them unfinished at Urban Outfitters here:


Anonymous said...

I just started drawing matryoshka dolls after I purchased these dolls for my friends. Traditionally they are given as a symbol of love and frienship.

Check out my drawings at a little bit of me

Unknown said...

I love the two smallest ones, they are quite adorable Victoria and who would have thought they're IKEA finds!

Did you know there are DIY Matrouska kits?

Oh yes, imagine the possibilities... Collaging with photos, or just wallpaper them using scraps of your favorites... Or even with fabric.

annechovie said...

Very cute, Victoria! My mom bought me one of these when I was very small - she's a pretty chunky momma straight from Russia. I still have her. Every little kid that comes over loves to play with these. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!

Jill Clarkson said...

fit a valium into the smallest one??!! tooo funny!!! ; )