Friday, November 16

A Man With A Good Font!

Here I go again - I'm such a visceral person! Is it weird if an artist's logo font catches your interest before viewing his art? Naaaah, I think it just means that popular, Chicago-based artist Dolan Geiman has an excellent eye and great taste in all aspects of design. Dolan grew up near the Blue Ridge Mountains surrounding his home, working on his family’s Christmas tree farm, and accompanying his father on dirt road adventures. As a child Dolan discovered a profound appreciation for the tangible elements that define rural America. All grown up and making a living as a professional artist, Dolan has now found his rhythm for creating and selling his paintings, collages, and prints through participation in local and national art shows and fairs.

In 2002, with a car full of artwork and art supplies, Dolan moved to the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago. In true entrepreneurial spirit, he bartered three paintings for temporary living arrangements in a home to be demolished in the spring. I love that - a true Renaissance man! Immediately setting up shop, he met a handful of Chicago art world faces, including his present day girlfriend and business partner, Ali Walsh. Together, they now run their full-service website, a multi-faceted creative business that includes fashion, custom interior décor, licensing and print production, special event programming, and wholesale lines. Ali wrote to me last night introducing me to Dolan, and I immediately was interested in learning more about him and sharing him with y'all.

There are so many great ways to view and purchase Dolan Geiman's work. You can take a looksee at his flickr photo stream and blog, his website for a list of retailers and his etsy shop, where there's currently a holiday sale of his work going on, through December 15. To keep up to date with his art events, you can also subscribe here. As I was writing this, I realized there's also a wonderful interview posted with Dolan from Design*Sponge's guest blogger, Emily of the lovely Orange Beautiful, so go check that out for a good read, too.


Unknown said...

Gorgeous Victoria, I have to check him out - great find. :)

Aesthetic Outburst... said...

I noticed his work on Poppytalk's Handmade shop and was interested in learning more about him and his work. Thanks for more info! His work is beautiful.

Elza Clandestine said...

His stuff makes me feel al cozy and dreamy. I love it, thanks for posting it!

Anonymous said...

Great find! His stuff reminds me of one of my favorite sellers on etsy!