Sunday, November 25

The New Posters Are In!

My printer dropped off the new posters and the colors
look really, really pretty! I was so pleased!

Clockwise from left to right: Pink, Seafoam/Aqua, Vintage Red and Chartreuse Green.
If you've pre-ordered a poster they will ship out by Monday.
For poster ordering information, click here.


Anonymous said...

Lovely colors! Especially the pink and chartreuse green...

Moira said...


I bought one in coral a few months ago. I love it and highly recommend : )

Kate M. said...

We have three of these posters at my work here in Philly. So cool when I discovered they were yours! Love the new colors too. May have to get some for my own.

Marina said...

Sometimes all we need is this: Keep calm and carry on!
Just perfect!
Beautiful colors!

natalie said...

Love my green one too... it's a great addition to our walls!