Wednesday, December 19

Forget Santa's Lap!

Have you seen that big old swan in the window display of the Marc Jacobs store in Pacific Heights? If y'all drop in from 11-5pm every weekend until Christmas you can have your picture taken in the swan for free. That's way better (and considerably less creepy for us grown ups) than any old Santa's lap. Go to the Swan - that rarely happens in normal life.

Marc Jacobs
2142 Fillmore Street
Pacific Heights, SF


Anonymous said...

Tons and tons of fun. There's a toy soldier and a swan princess wearing an exquisite Marc gown of course. Apparently they are doing this at most of the Marc by Marc Jacobs stores, but not all... It's free and you can order more prints online. Thank you Marc, thank you!

Keyse said...

This is the best thing I have seen in all of my life!

Anonymous said...

Hail to the noble swan and all it's grace & elegance.

I saw you yesterday on Small Space Big Style...
You are gorgeous, Victoria! Your space shines radiantly on screen... what a blessing to be surrounded with such beauty and harmony! And your beloved Cooper is so angelic (rest in peace & love, sweet soul... you two will meet again!)
I just wanted you to know that it was a delight to view you and your lovely space! (;

Merry Christmas to you,

Unknown said...

through the window i saw a photo shoot in the marc jacobs store in savannah, georgia last month- this girl was wearing a fantastic white dress and was covered in tattoos-- it was beautiful. i *love* that giant swan. love it.