Thursday, December 6

Give Red.

What's (RED) in your world?
All this lovely red is courtesy of my flickr favs.


Anonymous said...

just a little comment to tell you I adore you website and that I've made a link on mine to sfgirlbybay ( to make my readers discover yourwebsite
I hope it will not disturb you if I've put some of yours photos on (if it does, tell me and I'll remove them !)

Thea said...

What's RED in my world? Hmmm, My dutch RED garden clogs (which, btw, I sometimes wear with fabulous skirts!); My great-grandmother's opera shawl: pure victorian, amazing embroidery; I wear it in the winter as a scarf for special occasions...The pomagranites sitting in a bowl on my kitchen counter; the big, bright, faux-licious craft store cherries crowding the head of my vintage island girl (see my flickr photos); My sexy, strappy, summer sandles; The poster image of Lakshmi that hangs in my office; the Shirley Temple drinks I like to sneak with the little people; and last, but not least the crimsom I squeeze from a tube. (thanks Victoria! love your blog)

sfgirlbybay said...

sierralemon - thank you - of course, link away! :)

thea - thanks for sharing such a lovely list!

Anonymous said...

Another awesome mosaic! I used to not be drawn so much to red but lately, I'm loving it!

Thanks for the how to on the mosaic, I'm so excited to include with my holiday cards!


Colleen said...

what's red in my world? lots of my shoes it seems! Love the photo-mosaic of red, and love the blog!

Mary Ann said...

What an eye you have. That mosaic is divine. I too am digging the red lately.

Laura said...

The shoes! Love them.

What's red in my life? My favorite lipstick, MAC viva glam 1.

freefalling said...

Everything in my world is red.
I think it represents my extreme anger!
Only joking - love your mosaic.
Thanks for giving me a theme for my post today (and probably tomorrow too!!).

studio wellspring said...

i'm feeling the reds a lot lately too {and i'm not talking about audrey's version of the reds} new satin & velvet handbag is rubiest of ruby, my new tango shoes will be red {just ordered}, my table decor is all scarlets & pomegranates & plums, and i have a collection of bamboo sticks that i painted all cherry red just for fun.
love your flickr collection, v!!