Thursday, December 13


I adore this book! Just as I love all of J.otto Seibold and Vivian Walsh's books. Don't try to tell me it's just for kids! No way, man. This deluxe edition celebrates the tenth anniversary of J.otto Seibold and Vivian Walsh's modern Christmas classic - the story of a little dog named Olive with big reindeer dreams. This edition even has a pop-up grand finale. Go meet the genius team in person and get a signed copy for the favorite people on your holiday shopping list.


Uncle Beefy said...

Yes, yes, yes! L-l-l-l-OVE Olive! Right there with ya'! I mean c'mon with those illustrations, will ya'?! Has it been 10 years already? Oy!

Anonymous said...

I met j.Otto and 'Diamond Viv' at Cover-to-Cover six years ago (at which time I think I scared them because I brought so many items with me to have signed, and looked like a crazy superfan). Was so sad last year to hear they'd divorced! Thanks so much, Victoria, for posting this!!! I will totally be there.