Sunday, December 2

Glogg Today!

I should have posted this days ago to give y'all the heads up, but, well, I'm waaay behind on my posts. So, anyhow...go check out this Holiday Sale featuring works from Mati Rose, Annie Galvin, Sprout Studio, Harmani Jewelry and many other talented artisans. I have no clue what glogg is, but apparently you can drink it while you're shopping!


Angela Schwab said...

glogg is Scandinavian mulled wine: red wine + cinnamon + cloves + sugar + raisins + nuts = hot and deeelish! Definitely drink the glogg while you're shopping!

mati rose said...

thanks darlin'!

Anonymous said...

I drank the glogg. I sold some stuff, I drank more glogg, and I had a great time!