Tuesday, December 4

Vintage Finds For A Modern World: Blue Bell Bazaar.

I just adore Jonathan Adler, his designs, his refreshing spunk and those gosh darn, beautiful ceramics. But sometimes I just can't spring for their somewhat spendy prices. That's when someplace like Gosia Korsakowski's lovely, vintage and affordable Blue Bell Bazaar comes in quite handy.

These pieces are certainly not identical, but they do a good job of mocking the quality look of an Adler original. So, next time you're a little short on pocket change and can't swing for the real thing, check out the Blue Bell Bazaar for a fun and affordable, vintage version for aroud $25.


Nathalie said...

Its a big " me too " Victoria on your adoration for Jonathan Adler:) i have my heart on the green marakesh rug but.. oouch ! the price :) i hope there s someone out there who has similar rugs at lower prices ...anyone out there ?

Maggie Sumner said...

I concur that many vintage items are great, stylish finds. I recently got a beautiful green '60s flower pot that I use for remote controls and I love it. It was $5!

Also, I wanted to let you know that I finally figured out how to add links to other blogs from my blog (I am technically challenged!). SFgirlbybay was one of the first blogs I added to my list of favorites!

searcher said...

I love Blue Bell Bazaar on etsy too and often check her wares. (I assume it's a she). I do find it funny, that you say her vintage pieces "do a good job of mocking the quality look of an Adler original", when Adler is the one who has done a good job of paying, ahem, tribute to these types of 50s and 60s pieces. I like Adler a lot, because he has pretty damn good taste and has done a good job of conveying a fun, but coherent aesthetic sensibility. But it's not an original creative sensibility. These vintage pieces were.