Tuesday, December 11

Vintage Finds For A Modern World: Three Potato Four.

Those crazy kids, Janet & Stu at Three Potato Four are at it again - stocking up on some fun fresh flea market finds for we fond aficionados (say that three times fast!).

This Mid Century Fish Dish would make a modern guy real happy. It's a real
swell place to toss his spare change (we know how weird they are about that!).

Have fun playing doctor with this set of four vintage Apothecary Jars.
Oooh, think of the mad science!

I like the sleek simplicity of this pretty Pebble Vase.
It'd look swell with one simple Calla Lily springing forth.


freefalling said...

I ler-er-er-er-erve three potato four's stuff.
Love those carnival numbers, the wood scissors, the buoy, and the big head ornaments and, and,....and....and....

Trixie said...

I'll take the fish dish for myself and mr.man can put his change in my purse for future purchases!

sfgirlbybay said...

i like you're thinkin' Trixie!

Raf M said...

I dunno how people will respond to filling the vases with some long-stemmed spongy stalks (think papyrus), sans the leafy end.
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