Friday, January 11

Oh, and happy, happy Friday.

Saturday with Kicky and Buckaroo.
Another AMAZING photograph from The 10 cent designer.
She never ceases to amaze me.


Alya said...

yup. pretty amazing.

Anonymous said...

did she mount the camera from the ceiling??

(Seriously! Did she?)

sfgirlbybay said...

dunno...but we can go ask her on flickr!

Lori Andrews said...

I've got double height vaulted ceilings with beams. I mounted the camera to a beam with a boom and some very large clamps. I used pocket wizards to trigger the camera. My husband helped me. heh heh
thanks for the blog nod sfgirlbybay!

Anonymous said...

i am so glad i randomly surfed in. thank you thank you!