Thursday, January 10

Pretty, Pretty Purl Bee.

Inspired by their customers at Purl Soho, The Purl Bee was created by shop owners Joelle & Jennifer Hoverson as a way to participate in the wonderfully connected world that exists between knitters, quilters, and other crafters on the Internet. Purl Soho is a shop devoted to beautiful materials and tools for knitting, sewing, quilting, and other crafts, and now there's a sister site to accompany it.

At the The Purl Bee you'll find articles, tutorials, and lots of sewing and home project ideas. And it's totally interactive, allowing you to bring your own voice into the conversation by posting comments and interacting with other crafters. Purl Soho has always been a favorite fabric and yarn source for me, with an amazing selection of designer fabrics, like Amy Butler, Denyse Schmidt and Etsuko Furuya. And now there's loads more prettiness to peruse (just look at these photographs from their site!), and The Purl Bee makes starting some of those more intimidating craft projects I've been dreaming about starting, seem a little less daunting.


bettyninja said...

I love the Purl Bee site too. The Purl Beee's friends page has links to tons of really great blogs.

leighwells said...

These photos and projects are gorgeous, Victoria. Thanks for this tip.

Carrie Nicole said...

Ok, this is so crazy. I've never been a knitter although I have some knitting supplies and yarn somewhere (hidden away in one of my craft boxes that I haven't unpacked yet even though I moved 2 1/2 years ago). So, a few days ago, I started thinking to myself, I think I want to knit. Totally random, totally unexpected but I just had this odd feeling that I needed to knit, I think I need something that I can focus on and clear the "mind clutter", you know? Anyways, sorry for the long comment but it was very synchronous that you happened to post this at the same time I randomly started thinking about knitting. Happy Friday!!