Wednesday, February 6

All New Beholder.

The Beholder is all new. New artists, and a new way of doing business. Yes, there's still a bevy of artists curated and represented by Suzanne Shade, The Beholder's creator and gallery owner. But Suzanne has also opened up the floor to emerging artists to sell their own work directly, albeit via The Beholder. How exactly does that work? Well, I'll tell ya.

Wolly Loco by Lisa Solomon.

Each artist has their own page that links to their work. The artists that are represented by the gallery are called Beholder artists. When you purchase their work, you are buying from directly from The Beholder. But this year, they've expanded the site to include artists who sell work on their own, without any commission taken by the gallery. This is a huge step in connecting artists directly with their collectors, and really takes The Beholder beyond gallery status into something new entirely.

Untitled 02 by Leigh Wells.

These artists are selling directly to you, and they are called Marketplace artists. When you choose a piece from them, you are working directly with the artist, and can feel free to browse their website or e-mail them directly with questions. Basically, it's The Beholder's way of generously connecting more and more artists with more and more exposure to the art buying community.

Living Room Dwellers by Juliette Borda.

Mount Get Up by Luke Ramsey.

*Top image from Katie Baum.

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Anonymous said...

Oh I love that 'Living Room Dwellers' painting. Anyone fancy lending me $900?