Thursday, February 14

I Love You (I'm just not in love with you).

This was the Valentine I received today from Ryan Jacob Smith. Typical. Happy Valentines Day, indeed. Ryan's Let's Just Be Friends, signed and numbered, limited edition print is now available in his etsy shop. Shoot, and I thought things between us were going so well.


Anonymous said...

Oh man these are great. I want to give one to everyone in my family.

lsaspacey said...

Wow, hadn't thought of that before but your post title would make a great poster. I hope someone decides to make one. Could you?

Andrea said...

that's the most bittersweet thing i've ever seen! incredibly cute, but for a hopeless romantic like me (who would like to believe that true love can overcome all geographic odds), it's also terribly heartrending.

i'm going to need some music therapy (aka listening to "whole wide world" by wreckless eric and "have love will travel" by the sonics on repeat) to get over this.


sfgirlbybay said...

andrea - it's funny how each of us interprets this. when i first saw it ahile back, i thought of it in terms of our foreign relations with the rest of the world.

lisa - that would be a good one. these were Ryan's word in his email, but it would be an interesting poster. how about "It's Not You, It's Me'? :)

/// said...

DANGIT--- I got that Valentine, too. But a few days later, I received my beautiful poster.

Sure knows how to toy with a gal, doesn't he? ;)