Tuesday, February 5

Material Launch.

My brilliant friend and photographer Kim Schoen and some of her other artistic comrades have created an online journal: MATERIAL. This is an image-free publication that is filled with work by visual artists who also have a writing practice. The works included don't necessarily have a theme or unifying form, but could be experimental. It was started by artists who do writing as a big part of their work, and are interested in this aspect of others' work.

Started by artists interested in the writings of other artists, MATERIAL supports visual artists with textual concerns. MATERIAL is not a thematically driven nor ‘on-topic’ publication, but rather an image-free, ad-free context for the materialization of artists’ ideas, divergent opinions, thoughts, and appropriations of language. Their sensibility is experimental and critical. They solicit friction and conviviality both. Check it out.

Kim Schoen, All My Clothes, 2003.

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