Sunday, February 10

Sunday In The City.

It's The Year of The Rat! So I took a walk to Chinatown.
Happy Chinese New Year!

Banana Bar.

Calling Fashionistas.

Pop Pop Hang Fung!

Cut Me Down.

Just Fowl.

Neon Nions.

Cheap Living.

Closed For Cocktails.

Playing With Drugs.


Jessamyn Harris said...

I love these weekly explorations, and how your mind works with the photos and text. thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

You're a talented photographer. My own explorations end up looking lousy on picture for the most part.

Jen Renninger said...

Your dyptics are just lovely!!!

I can't wait to see the next series...

Carrie Nicole said...

I always look forward to the Sunday in the City posts. Just wonderful!

sfgirlbybay said...

thanks kids! it's super fun for me, so i'm happy to hear you like them. :)

Shirley said...

these photos (funny too) remind me so much of home. it's hard to be away at college (across the bay) knowing how near you are from home. luckily, a three day weekend is coming up and i'll be home for the annual family reunion in celebration of the lunar new year. (to be more pc, i call it lunar new year because it's in keeping with the lunar calendar, not the chinese people -- oh, to be pc.)

thanks for sharing! i'm sad to have missed the festivities - the festivals, the parades, the food. oh dim sum!

:) shirley

karin said...

You made so beautiful combos here!
Catched atmosphere perfectly.

Anonymous said...

your photos are lovely.

what kind of camera do you use? the colors are beautiful.

sfgirlbybay said...

thanks again!

jenna - it's a sony cybershot 7.0. it's small, not terribly expensive and easy to use!

jennifer said...

another fun sunday collection. by the way, lipo makes a mean mai tai.