Thursday, March 6

A Gocco Kind of Day.

Okay, we had a little bit of Gocco Mania yesterday. That would me, and talented artist and most excellent friend, Leigh Wells. We chipped in on a Gocco printer together and yesterday we gathered at her pad, to watch the extremely retro-70's video on just how one does Gocco, and to Gocco print our brains out. Man-o-man, that was fun! We will both be selling our creations in our etsy shops. I will have mine up in a few days, and Leigh's should be up sometime tomorrow.

I hope you like my new limited edition prints Normal Is So Overrated printed on vintage advertisements. While mine are pretty tongue in cheek and all about mocking the status quo, and kind of a statement about my life in general, Leigh's work is quite beautiful and always a bit more serious and thought provoking.

You're gonna love Leigh's beautiful hand done illustration. The piece is called Where I Sit, and is about solitary creative thought. As she prints them, (she was still home doing these as I wrote this last night - somebody please stop her), Leigh says she is "thinking that the recipients who read the pages they receive will certainly be able to take the content as some sort of divination (if they believe in such things), random and thought provoking. It will make everyone want to read the Meditations of Marcus Aurelius." See what I mean? Way more thought provoking than my little diddies. And so gorgeous!

Here's a few more glimpses into the Gocco Mania that was our day! Save the Gocco, indeed!