Friday, March 28

Oh, and happy, happy Friday.

I'm off down to L.A. this weekend...hanging with my pop. Not doing much.
Have a great weekend and I will be back on Tuesday, and raring to go!

*This fun photo courtesy of Daniel Hennessy Photography.


Nathalie said...

Ciao Victoria,
Sounds great ...Have a great time, its always nice catching up with the family :)

Anonymous said...

it was great watching you and seeing your apt. last night on SSBS on HGTV!

Michelle said...

that it the cutest photo EVER !!!!!

Nat said...

Hello, my name is Natalia and im from Viña del Mar, Chile. I dont remember how I get into your blog (so sorry for my english, i havent practice) But I love it, i read it every time i can. I love your photos and i love all the things here.
I was wondering, where i can get this poster... "Keep the calm and carry on"???
Im having a really bad time now (depression) and i would like to have this picture in my house.
I can see that you´re a really creative person, with good taste and most important, a good heart. You have amazing photos here and i read all the interviews.
I guess you´re a designer or something like that, i hope...
I studied to be a filmmaker but i love the design, photography and mostly, writing, in fact thats my area of work, scripts, for tv, cinema and a lot of independent proyects. I love animals, music, movies and my friends and i tell you, this blog is beautiful, nice and friendly and every single thing that you show us here blows my mind !!!



Starla said...

awwww...that is such a great picture!!!

Uncle Beefy said...

Hope you had a lovely LA time :) Will look forward to your return tomorrow! Havin' some sfgirl withdrawls ;)

sfgirlbybay said...

i miss you guys, too, UB! ;)

i was just taking care of my dad, who is not doing too well.

natalie - thank you so much - and cheer up, girl and do something nice for yourself! if you are interested in the poster, you can find them here:

take care y'all and i'll be back tomorrow....although now my plane is delayed. eerrrr - i wanna go home!!

Anonymous said...

Victoria, I too enjoyed seeing you on SSBS! You should give yourself more credit. I think you would make a wonderful design t.v. personality.