Sunday, March 2

Sunday In The City.

Oh my, it is strangely glorious and warm out there today. I headed out on a walk
over to Polk Street in Russian Hill for a little lunch with friends Eszter and Lisa.
So civilized for a Sunday afternoon. No rushing about, just a leisurely lunch. Ah, life.

Flower Tower.

Just the Alhambra.

Bloomin' Flower Shoppe.

Le Petit Jardin.

Golden Gate.

Green Grocer.

Window Shopping.


Mary Elizabeth Liberty said...

I love this series, I need to take some sunday walks here in NYC!

Anonymous said...

Oh I love Polk street. Always make a point to head that way when I am in S.F.

Gina said...

this is the neighborhood where i grew up. ah, true love in the 94109.

AshleyL. said...

ooooh great pictures! i especially like the one of the magnolia!! i just posted some of my own photographs of flowers! check it out when you get a chance! :)

Ahava Hopps Brooke said...

OK now you're really making me miss SF. Love your blog. It's so beautiful.

sfgirlbybay said...

Thanks y'all. This is quickly becoming one of my favorite posts. I highly recommend walking around your own neighborhoods, camera in hand. I think you'll see it in a whole new light.

vantiani said...

Gorgeous pictures,
and I really love your blog too.

Thank you for sharing,


Esti said...

Monday post is always my favourite! It's so inspiring!

Claire Mojher said...


I just recently discovered your blog and it has become a wonderful daily resource for visual inspiration and research.


Anonymous said...

Sunday in the city is my favorite series. I agree with everyone here...very inspirational.

sfgirlbybay said...

Thanks again! :)

Shall I just stick to photography posts, then? ;)

Anonymous said...

Ooh! I was looking forward to these photos (as I do every week) as I had the pleasure of spending Sunday in SF as well and it was a gorgeous day! Now I'm back in Boston...brr

oliver rain said...

What a lovely outing. I feel like I just spent the afternoon in SFO as well. Thank you!

Abby said...

I used to live in this amazing studio on Union and Hyde...Polk St. was my stomping ground. Seeing these pictures just made me so happy! Every building, every corner seems familiar. I needed that little pick-me-up!


j said...

Victoria, I am late leaving the comment, but did see get to see it when it was posted. {I make sure :) }

it's been a crazy busy week, but I wanted to say thank you for this lovely post.