Wednesday, April 2

Bag Me A Baguette.

I saw these great bread bags on Daily Candy and when I linked to the site, I just swooned over these lovely, bags of goodness. Choose from two very charming styles. Bamboo-bag is a young company, run by three friends, making cloth containers from naturally antimicrobial bamboo fabric bamboo fabric to replace paper and plastic products. Their first two Bamboo-bags are designed especially for carrying and storing bread. They'll make you wanna take a stroll down to the corner store for your daily bread, just so you can look this cool walking back. Right? Here's where you can find 'em.

*Top image courtesy of *chity*.


Carlene said...

I'm in the midst of moving, and I've been staring at that Domino Scandinavian dining area lately (I saved it). All of these are very inspiring though. Looking forward to seeing what you end up doing with your dining area!

Carlene said...

Oops, posted on the wrong entry...but you know what I mean.


Nathalie said...

oh this baguette bag bring me way back to childhood, my grandmother used to have one ( she s french ) and I used to love going to the " Boulangerie " with her so that i could carry it....ahhh memories
Still in these days my grandmother stores the bread in bags made of cotton exactly like the ones you posted