Wednesday, April 23

For the Love of Type.

Hand Job, A Catalog of Type is an awesome book for those font aficionados out there. Lovers of type and kerning and all that is good and golden and almost history in the art that is graphic design will love this book.

Author and designer Michael Perry has compiled the work of a small subset of typographers who still believe in creating type by hand in Hand Job. In the age of computer generated everything, it's inspiring to see and celebrate the work of these fifty-five talented typographers and to see a resurgence and a new found popularity of hand-drawn type.


Unknown said...

Those books are very interesting.
They could be a great gift for my cool son.
I love your blog, very inspiring.

Anonymous said...

Coincidentally, I saw this same book on The Black Apple's book list (on the left side column of her blog). I'm glad you blogged about it -- I've just made a mental note to check it out at Borders Books on Friday.