Tuesday, April 8

Friends & Neighbors: Design For Mankind.

Erin Loechner, the über talented blogger over at Design For Mankind has done it again. Erin's published another one of her fabulous Inspiration eZine's - this is Numero 3 in her series, in which the theme is Nooks and Crannies: Inspiration in the Home, and it's just as lovely and inspiring as the last two. Erin publishes these gratis, so you can download them for free from her blog. If you missed Number 1 and Number 2 issues, click on the links to get you on over to Design For Mankind so you can download them now. Thanks Erin!


Lisa-Marie said...

Thanks so much for sharing this and your work. I really love your blog.

Relyn Lawson said...

That eZine was really great. Thanks for sharing. In fact, thanks for all that you share. You are always a source of beauty and inspiration.

dailydesignspot said...

i have been wildly obsessed with her blog for a while now.. i just love the dailies!!! if i remember correctly.. we both own a moonbeam with a dead bulb... sad day when that bulb died!! andrea could not take the noise of the alarm (SIREN!!)... anyho.. i just a little post about her and her work.. you have an amazing eye for design so any feedback you may have to offer would be wonderful! take care and keep posting! love my daily stop here