Sunday, April 27

Sunday In The City.

It's been another gloriously warm, sunny Sunday here in the city, and as I was out and about, convertible top down running my weekend errands, from Clement Street and on over to Polk Street, I was able to snap up some shots to share with y'all. I hope your weekend was a fabulous one and you were able to find some fun in the sunshine, too.

No Peeking.

Old and Decayed.

Rock my Little World.

Living and Imaginary.

Baked Goodness.

Book Smart.

Eastern vs. Western.

B Movie.


Anonymous said...

I love your Sunday pictures. I wish I could spend some Sundays in San Francisco too.

suzannemarques said...

i look forward to this segment more than my horoscope :)

i should save reading this for monday mornings so i can enjoy a dash of wit with my coffee.

yasmine said...

it definitely was a gorgeous weekend in the bay! i hope it continues throughout the week! and i can't wait 'til the alameda antique fair!

what place is that with the sky lights in the old & decayed set? it looks so pretty!

sfgirlbybay said...

thanks so much all! :)

carolina - never say never. sf is here for the taking!

suzanne - that made me laugh...perhaps i should offer horoscopes with my shots. ;)

print a day - that is Swallowtail, one of my favorite shops - it's on Polk Street.

Maura said...

hey can you list the shops you took pictures of here?

Anonymous said...

B Movie?
"My Brother is an only child"
Am I wrong, or this is an italian movie, starring Riccardo Scamarcio?..
What a strange thing to see it
out in San Francisco...

I adore your lovely Sunday in the city...

Orange Pattern said...


Alya said...

your Sunday pics are really something to look forward to.

Unknown said...

These made me smile. Thanks!

Elizabeth said...

Hi to a fellow bay area blogger. i'm out here in the east bay. Love your Sunday pictures. I think I recognize some of them. My daughter lives in the city and loves Polk street. I love your blog, and I'll admit I have been a lurker. No longer though as now I know how it feels. I'll be back for more :)

sfgirlbybay said...

Thanks again everyone!

Maura - Sure - I can't start adding locations for you. Some are just random shots of walls, houses etc., but here are the shops in the images, in order of view:

1. No parking sign and new lingerie shop on Polk & Green (I don't know the name).

2. swallowtail and old house in russian hill

3. park life and modern past

4. flower box and russian hill books

5. random bakery and grocery on clement

6. russian hill books and shop window on clement

7. random chinese herb shop on clement and the lingerie shop on polk (sorry, i don't know the name)

8. cafe on clement and the clay theater on fillmore

Simona - yes the Clay shows mostly foriegn and indie films - one of my favorite theaters in the city!

Anonymous said...

You're a clever girl -- lurve your captions.