Tuesday, April 22

Where For Art Thou.

I got an email that cracked me up this week, from Canadian illustrator Douglas Jones. He introduced himself to me, explaining that his wife Fiona (who designs the very lovely Cartolina Cards) is apparently continually interrupting his morning toast to show him interesting things on the blogs that she follows, and that she had recently showed him sfgirlbybay. As an illustrator working in commercial advertising, Doug noticed the magazine spreads that I posted and noticed that I am an Art Buyer by trade. I was the first Art-Buyer-with-Blog that he'd come across, so somehow, this all made his toast taste better! So, with such a fun introduction, I naturally had to check out Doug's work, and lo and behold, it's as good as he is funny! You can order Doug's wonderful posters here. Thanks for sharing, Doug...both the work and your toast.


please sir said...

Such a great find - lucky email!

Anonymous said...

God, he's brilliant.