Monday, May 5

Sunday In The City.

Whew, what a weekend. My pals from Los Angeles were here visiting, and we got up bright and early Sunday morning and headed out to the always enormous Alameda Flea Market. Four hours and some fun finds later we headed back into the city, attended this very cool Self-Storage art installation, and then cruised to the Outer Sunset for super cheapo facials at the ever interesting Urban Beauty. Here's a peek at the flea market part of our adventures....

Pink Slip.

Checkered Past.

Angels & Insects.

Laundry Hamper.


Red Necks.

Puppy Love.


Unknown said...

Hee! I remember having that same laundry hamper growing up...only it was a creme color.

angie said...

ooooh that flea market looks like fun! i'm still looking for something similar in the Portland area. Congrats on your guest blog gig at Design*Sponge this week! I really love your blog.

Michele said...


are you ok? your pics are a bit unhappy today or is it just me? Don't worry being self-employed is going to be a very freeing adventure.

My grandpa used to say "jackass"
and i remember when people were called "red necks"

regards to that dress. My mom insisted on sewing my clothes because she was forced in the depression to wear such awful dresses. Thank god for moms that have talents :)

hope you have a great week

the crafty cameleon in california

Elizabeth said...

Wasn't it pretty on Sunday! I love the Sunday pictures!!

Anonymous said...

I just love flea markets... next time I'm on the west coast I'll have to check this one out!

sfgirlbybay said...

thanks guys! it's a great flea market!

oh, i think it's just my somewhat twisted sense of humor, michelle. i am quite fine, indeed!

Chris Brown said...

These are some of the coolest yet! Love Jackass.


Michele said...

Love the Jackass LOL
it looks like something some of my gay clients would have in their house as the door greeter you know painted bright orange or something.

They sometimes get quite bold. Keeps life from neing to mundane LOL

glad your fine :)


the crafty cameleon in california

Robin said...

Love the Angels & Insects reference, very bizarre but entertaining movie.

traphic signs said...

please please please make a book of your sunday in the city series. i think it would be lovely and people would buy it.

i would! thanks for the weekly inspiration.


Anonymous said...

victoria: how did you manage to do the flea, an art show, and a beauty tx with out of town guests?! When I do the A. Flea I am burned out literally from the sun and financially from the dough i spend there.

id like some tips on how to gain that kind of momentemum. wow!

sfgirlbybay said...

trahic - oh - thanks! i'd love to do some kind of book! :)

sanriofreak - believe me, it was all my friend kim, who is go, go, go! i was exhausted!! ;)

Orange Pattern said...

Love, love, love.

Leaning Shanty Farm said...

Best Flea Market Ever! By Far! I only discovered its wonderfulness within the last year...but I have now been going faithfully for the last 7 or so months. And May was my Jackpot month!

Check out my finds:

While you were there I'm sure you noticed the gyno table. How crazy was that to see?

PS I'm with sanriofreak, I am EXHAUSTED after a day at the Flea! I go home and nap...well, after I gaze adoringly at all my finds.