Tuesday, June 17

Breakfast anyone?


Hello! My name is Lisa and some of you know me from here. I am so pleased to be guest blogging for Victoria this week from Portland, Oregon, my second home. This week I visited one of my favorite places in Portland, a newish restaurant in the Clinton neighborhood of Southeast called Broder.

I love this place for two really basic reasons: first, its super cute, Scandinavian aesthetic; second, its fantastic, comforting food made with fresh, local ingredients…served, well, in cute, Scandinavian pans with your own personal potholder.

The breakfast menu is simple—mostly several variations of eggs and cheese and ham or salmon with dense, nutty breads; tiny puffy “pancakes” served with lemon curd, lingonberry jam and maple syrup; good coffee and dozens of teas. There is relaxingly slow service (don’t come if you are in a hurry.) But never mind that—there is plenty to look at. Colorful mid-century Scandinavian dishware and timeless folk objects line the walls while interesting-looking, understatedly stylish Portlanders fill the seats.

Broder is located at 2508 SE Clinton St., Portland.


Uncle Beefy said...

Awesome, Lisa! I've been wanting to go here but missed out my last trip down to PDX. SO glad to know you like it as your stylish opinion rates highly :)

Sugar Plum Invitations said...

Mmm... it looks so tasty!

Unknown said...

Hey, I went yesterday just by chance and LOVED it. The puffy pancakes looked the best - sorry I did not get them!

Eden From Sweden said...

I'm so happy to see Broder mentioned. I love it, too! Get the baked eggs and trout, it comes in an individual skillet with your own little quilted handle cover - so cute!