Monday, June 23

Extra, Extra, It's Marshall Leggett.

Marshall Leggert is an artist living and working in Portland, Oregon. Like many people, Marshall drew, doodled, and painted a lot as a kid. By the time he reached High School he was designing and illustrating T-Shirts and Album covers for local bands in his home town of Boulder, Colorado. This grew into a small-time design and illustration business that included tattoo design, nationally-distributed silkscreened T-Shirts, and sales of original pieces. His early work was largely detailed and naturalistic, but has grown increasingly abstracted over time.

Marshall has been working full time as a graphic designer, and hasn't sought a showing in over a decade. A mention in Sunset Magazine in Spring 2008 led to inquiries about Marshall's paintings which in turn spurred him to begin actively showing once again. Most of Marshall's recent work is heavily inspired by the original waves of Modernists and Late Modernists as well as the more contemporary Pop and Cartoon Surrealists, and incorporates the use of acrylic paint on newspaper print as his canvas.

Marshall says his push toward the abstract has come with extensive experiences in design and an increased focus on the inherent subjectivity of art. Abstracted visuals can be interpreted as abstractions of representative objects, or representations of abstracted elements such as raw emotions, non-visual senses, or impressions. It's exactly this kind of conceptual play that makes abstract painting appealing and even timeless. For more information on specific pieces, or showings, please contact Marshall through his website.

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