Friday, June 6

Fashion Friday: Sustainable Studio.

San Francisco-based designs from Modaspia.

I recently discovered some great, sustainable fashion and accessories at The Studio online. Shop owner and designer Kim Gobbi's Studio is dedicated to providing fashion-forward eco-friendly lines. So, this means clothing that is made with organic materials or made by designers who employ sustainable production practices. For us, this means we can find unique pieces, while maintaining environmental responsibility. The Studio is located on State Street, in Newburyport, Massachusetts, but you can find many of the eco-friendly fashion lines they carry in the shop, online here.

San Francisco-based designs from Modaspia.

Hand loomed bamboo pieces from Lara Miller.

Organic t's and hoodies from Supermaggie.

Organic cotton from Prairie Underground, all grown in the US
and the production of all pieces is in Seattle.


yasmine said...

gosh, these are cool pieces...the last two are my favourite!

angie said...

I've been lusting over those pieces from Lara Miller. so glad to find your wonderful blog! happy friday!

Dutch Girl said...

I have to say that bamboo is one of the WORST fibers. Everyone thinks that it is eco and fabulous and the fact remains that it is most certainly NOT as a FABRIC. There is no one, NO ONE, currently producing closed loop bamboo fiber and the chemicals required to produce the fabric are some of the most caustic in the world AND THEY DON'T DEGRADE. As someone working in the eco-sector I am always glad when people post about other women/companies trying to make things better... but please EDUCATE yourselves for what is going into some of these outfits and don't be greenwashed.