Wednesday, July 2

Friends & Neighbors: Hula Seventy.

Portland-based blogger, and photographer extraordinaire, Andrea of Hula Seventy took a road trip to San Francisco with her family last week. So this week, lucky us, she has documented the trip with oodles of great photos she snapped on their trip. So, all week you can check in at Hula Seventy to get your San Francisco fix, while I lay here, contemplating my toes (eeerrrrr, this is getting old!). Thank goodness for Andrea and her amazing, magical camera! I am so in awe. Take a look!

*All photos courtesy of Andrea, aka girlhula.


Uncle Beefy said...

LOVE the pics! And LOVE the Hula blog! Never heard of her before so happy for the intro, Miss V.! :)

The lanterns are killing me in the best possible way and the greeny-aqua door is callin' m'name!

Still sending you "get well" wishes :)

Anonymous said...

Hey girl--love your blog and the great links to other blogs. Get well soon.

studio wellspring said...

ah sweet talented andrea ~ she just won the "makes my day" award for me. so it's no surprise you adore her too.

Katrina said...

i just found out about andrea through her SF trip and the lovely blog posts about her visit. nice to see her featured her too. her blog is completely and utterly and totally inspiring. and her photos... wow.

Anonymous said...

I first read about Hula 70 through your blog, and I have been an avid reader ever since. She takes the most amazing colourful photos and write very beautifully. Thanks for introducing her to me!